Some Failed K'NEX Guns





Introduction: Some Failed K'NEX Guns

Here are just some pics that I would really like people to take and make something epic out of them. No, I'm not a broney, but I used that pic to describe how bad some of these guns are.

Step 1: Bad Bullpup

This was an attempt at a bullpup sniper rifle, but, as you can see, I failed...really failed.

Step 2: I Don't Even Know...

Look at the title. This gun is not to bad...kinda.

Step 3: Failed AUG...

Again, look at the title. Failed, 3 layered, AUG.

Step 4: Failed ARX-160

Yup, this is really, really bad. Sorry about the pic being the wrong direction.

Step 5: Failed FMG-9

Yup, this was done by my bro and I, and it was handle fed, and was not tooooo bad...*grimaces*

Step 6: Mag Loaded PDR

I can't wait until you guys freak out over this gun...its horrid.

Step 7: Comment and Subscribe!

Do as the title!



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    dude that Magpul PDR is amazing! What are u talkin about horrible.

    These are awesome! What are you talking about FAILED GUNS these are awesome!

    the arc 160 is awesome! You should sell it

    That arx should not be in there.....ya it might need a little bit if work but it's no that bad

    13, 8:48 AM.jpg13, 8:48 AM.jpg

    That was a very nice complement, but since I have actually held the ARX-160, the pictured one above needs a ton of work.