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Well, although it failed at looking nice and all that stuff, it still prooves the concept, which is: you can make baskets out of old jeans, and, maybe, with some practice, you can even make them really pretty (not my case).

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I took the inspiration for this project from those pine needle baskets that are, apparently, traditional for some cultures. They are made by stitching together coils of long pine needles gathered in... continuous bunch, I guess... So while dealing with a bunch of old jeans at other project I got the idea of implementing this technique in a new way.

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So, first - take some old jeans (or other pants made from suitable fabric) and cut off one leg.

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After one unsuccesfull attempt with this project I had to add this step, so don't ignore it.

Mark a series of parallel lines along the piece the way shown on the photos. The distance is something like 5-10cm. Mark the other side correspondingly.


I just relised that I could use spiral pattern, which makes sence... but, well... it worked anyway.

Step 4:

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With threaded neadle start stitching the bottom edge the way shown on the photos. Use marking lines for even stitching.

Step 5:

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After the first row is done, go straight to the next one. Pull thread tight when stitching for firmer rolls of fabric.

Step 6:

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To elongate the thread tie enother piece to previous on the inside.

Step 7:

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Keep adding rows of rolls till the top of the basket

Step 8:

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To make the bottom cut a circular piece of cardboard and glue a pice of fabric to one side (or two, if you want). Cut the excess off.

Step 9:

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Put the bottom piece inside the backet and secure is with hot glue, or sew it to the basket along the edge. Now it's done.

I'm not planning to make another basket in nearest future, but maybe I'll came up with improved version someday. If so, there'll be a new instructable. But this is it for now. Thanks for your attention and have less blisters on your skin.

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GlenisT (author)2017-11-15

Great idea! Love to see your next attempt. A first is the learning how.

drwebster (author)2017-11-13


Waldemar Sha (author)drwebster2017-11-14

It's debatable,but thank you.

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