"UPDATED" IPod Touch Tricks *Some May Only Work for 4.0


Introduction: "UPDATED" IPod Touch Tricks *Some May Only Work for 4.0

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Hi. I am going to show you people some ipod touch tricks.

Step 1: Basic Tricks

1. Pressing the home and buttons you can take a screen shot of where you are on the itouch if you are on apps or anything. Like shown below

2. Press the home button twice *if you are in the middle of playing music and you will get a list of pause, play ffwd rwd and choose songs.

3. Hold the lock button for 10seconds and the screen will show a slider and turn off when you slide it.

Step 2: Pretty Cool Tricks

1. Hold the home and lock button for 9-10 seconds and it will reboot, not erasing any apps.

2. Turn itouch into an iphone. This could be a tricky trick but, turn on ipod and get textfree, textnow, or textplus, etc and create an account. Step 2, go to the appstore and get VoIP and then finally get a headset that can plug into a headphone jack on the ipod. You can get those at radio shack for $10. VoIP can call for free to us and Canada.

Step 3: Auto Correct

You can correct words you misspell and a red line will come under it.

Step 4: Folders

By dragging an icon into another u can create a folder. It will automaticly name it but you can also rename  it

Step 5: Youtube View

Now u can view youtube videos vertically 

Step 6: .com Feature

hold down the .com button in safari and you can drag your finger to the other options

Step 7: Speed Delete

Swipe you finger across a message and you can delete faster.



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    Go to settings>general>acsessability Do some cool things in there. Oh hold the home button for 10 seconds and it goes to voice control (may only work on certian ipods and/or softwares.

    Holding home and sleep for 15 seconds gets you a hard reset which is extremely bad for your ipod touch/iphone/ipad, it deletes caches and has to stop processes running randomly which you are executing the reset.

    Double tap home button, scroll from left to right you get rotation lock and music player on ios4.

     Sure, do you want stock or jailbroken?

    I mean... how else do you turn off your touch?  You hold the button on top for a few seconds till you get the shut down slider.  I didnt know turning off your ipod when you are not using it is a trick.