Some More Ceramics


Introduction: Some More Ceramics

These are some ceramics pieces I have made this year, there is one piece I really like I can't find right now to take a picture of.



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    Make sure you go to that craft fair. Ask the other ceramics folks where is a gallery you could join or a peddler's mall where you can sell on consignment. Check out etsy or is it esty? You may find a florist or an independent Starbuck's-type store that will display and/or sell your stuff for you. But seriously, the first bowl in the first series of pictures-assuming it's about 6-8 inches would go for close to a c-note. You really need to look into it.

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    I think I will. At one point I was contemplating producing tons of similar pieces, but I got bored. Tomorrow I'm going to try to throw a really tall vase, like 3ft+

    before you do that you had best make sure that it will fit in the kiln. then send pics of the entire process. I would really like to see it.

    I tried...but failed to make a tall peice. I will try again later. I'm just going to ocus on making large balls for some time. I like making them. I uploaded a picture of the large thing once it was fired. It is the fourth photo.

    that big bowl at the top of this one would make ane awesome dough rising bowl