Some More Things I've Been Working On



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Introduction: Some More Things I've Been Working On

So, these are just some of the things i've been half-heartedly working on since I last posted pictures. There is a crossbow, that I think looks really cool, there is a turret rifle I am really proud of that fires really well. There is also a short sword I made thats pretty solid, also there is a sniper rifle but it doesnt fire. I also have TheDunkis' re-done UMP-45 that I made a crude stock for, Zak's ZKARv2, Foofiinators BSW and DJ Radio's Blueprint pistol.  



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    yeah, there is more thats unused aswell

    so, anyone want me to post any of these?

    *TheDunkis's shotgun.

    Where did you come from? o_O
    I haven't really noticed you before. The crossbow is actually looking pretty good. And yayz for my UMP and base concept inspired BSW.

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    thanks, i've just been milling around not posting much and yeah the UMP and BSW are awesome.

    Out of your original guns, I like the crossbow the best. The sniper looks almost like Dsman's sniper rifle, and the turret rifle is generic. I hope you enjoy my pistol!

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    Thanks, and yes your pistol is very good.