So, these are just some of the things i've been half-heartedly working on since I last posted pictures. There is a crossbow, that I think looks really cool, there is a turret rifle I am really proud of that fires really well. There is also a short sword I made thats pretty solid, also there is a sniper rifle but it doesnt fire. I also have TheDunkis' re-done UMP-45 that I made a crude stock for, Zak's ZKARv2, Foofiinators BSW and DJ Radio's Blueprint pistol.  
That Is one hell of alot of Knex.
yeah, there is more thats unused aswell
so, anyone want me to post any of these?
I see muh shotgun, yays!
*TheDunkis's shotgun.
yeah, its great.
THAT BOW! *drools*
you like it then.
YA. <br>
Where did you come from? o_O<br>I haven't really noticed you before. The crossbow is actually looking pretty good. And yayz for my UMP and base concept inspired BSW.
thanks, i've just been milling around not posting much and yeah the UMP and BSW are awesome.
Good stuff, especially the crossbow and ZKAR V2.
No problem =D
Out of your original guns, I like the crossbow the best. The sniper looks almost like Dsman's sniper rifle, and the turret rifle is generic. I hope you enjoy my pistol!
Thanks, and yes your pistol is very good.
thanks <br>
no prob

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