Some of My Scrolling Work


Introduction: Some of My Scrolling Work

About: I really like woodworking and Metalwork. I like to build just about anything that pops into my head. I like making Jigs that makes jobs easier and saves time.. I have a few videos on My Youtube Channel but...

Some of My Scroll work All patterns from Steve Good Johnny Depp Pattern is a Charles Dearing I can't remember who done the frankenstein or Sam Elliot or Chewy patterns one But Kitchen Sign is one of my own, I also made the Average Joes Joinery one for him as he is a good Friend of mine. Gear one from gear Generator programme Online. All cut with Spiral blade with 46 TPI...

Step 1:

The Johnny Depp One is about 80% Finished..

The Frankenstein one was painted over the Christmas Holidays when I had some leftover custom green I mixed for use on some Christmas Decorations and I thought it was a good shade for him.

The Scroll saw I used for these projects was a Clarke Woodworker see pic.

I have only been Scrolling for around 7 months, But I have had the Machine over a year now lol..



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    I Was going to post this as it was because I could not think of anything else to say about them as they are pretty straight forward ,



    2 years ago

    BeeaUtiful! What did you use to transfer the cross design to the pine? I use charcoal pencils myself but wonder if there's an easier way

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    Hi guy90

    I just used my printer and set it up to print the cross on 4 sheets of A4 paper ect I do this quite often to get bigger scale. Thank you for commenting. Take Care...

    Sounds like a good way to save money, thank you

    Your very welcome. I hope it helped you out a bit ....