Picture of Some of my KNEX weapons
Knex 2008 MP40.jpg
Just A few of my knex guns L96 AND MY BRAND NEW MP40
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does it shoot?
Well I think you talk too much because that little mp40 can never shoot over 100ft unless its five layers but it isn't.
You say that your guns shoot very very far but I don't believe that the "L96"( which it's not ) can shoot further then 5 rb's
Trainman 2001 (author) 7 years ago
amazing knex guns i never knew that they could get a range of 100 feet
u need like super strong rubberbands for 100+ ft range, i just use 3 or 4 normal rubberbands on all my guns and they accurate to about 30 ft, theres really no need for a toy gun to shoot 100+ ft
give me credit!
You deserve credit as these guns, in my eye, are based of your crossbow. Although, they are good mods Trainman2001, so 5*
ya, i know that, but if i came out and said that it would just get all defensive.
I'm on your side. Well, as long as you know everyone knows they are mods of your guns, then that's ok.
ya, thanks.
i modded ur xbow and made a dragonuv - its uber powerful, like 150ft or something
yea dsman practicly that gun u just added a scope
The Jamalam7 years ago
i think you should post them both, but the MP40 is slightly bulkier in real life
:S you can't tell from that picture, but MP40's are ROUNDED.
Trainman 2001 (author)  The Jamalam7 years ago
that is pretty cool that u like my guns because u r an expert
me? noo... not an expert, surely!
i am canadian is an expert
yes, exactly. How long do you have to wait to acchieve expert status anyways?
I made a list of the peoples top five, 1 more will be added each month I hope.
BalintRules6 years ago
you gave me a good idea.
no offence b lot of the guns u make are rubber band guns which almost all of em cant reload thelves 2 very crapy power and 3 have a very flimsy design
them selves*
pakman2277 years ago
OOOO it's a post, as in post, lol
Why with the random pic?
Trainman 2001 (author) 7 years ago
check out my second slideshow
Nazgul7 years ago
i made the second from picture and i mod it with an foldable stock. post?
Trainman 2001 (author)  Nazgul7 years ago
Yes go ahead because i dont want to post plese give a pic of the foldable stock now please
plasmaspy7 years ago
post the second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trainman 2001 (author)  plasmaspy7 years ago
can u put this in the book contest i dunno how to
you shouldn't post a slideshow in a book contest, and I doubt any knex guns will get in an o'riley book.
Im going to! 6th atm.
Trainman 2001 (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
wat 6th grade if so me too
no, 6th place in the book contest.
Trainman 2001 (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
o yeah
Trainman 2001 (author)  plasmaspy7 years ago
just saying i am only 11 so is that good for an 11 year old
Trainman 2001 (author)  plasmaspy7 years ago
thanks for viewing i jst might post
L69 Looks good
Trainman 2001 (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
thank u but it is a L96
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