I'm back with dozens of new guns for you to chew on for a while until something really new comes out. 
I ain't gonna post them all in one I'ble, but here are some of them. Enjoy!
I like that ZKAR spinoff. Its great. =D
Liked the "mofo" gun, looked promising.
Sorry admins, it mean MotherF**ker
I know that, but what gun do you mean?
The last one.
who gave it that name?
&quot;The MZKAR and <strong>mofo gun</strong> are pretty cool&quot;<br> <br> dr.richofen
Explain yourself Dr
Hehe. The image note in the last picture said ''I didn't choose the thug gun, the thug gun chose me. This <u><strong><em>m*f* </em></strong></u>is one hell of a gun''<br> ;)
ah, now I get it.
Thanks for 500th comment :D
Most of the guns aren't that bad. I really like the last one...I should try something like that some time.
The MZKAR and mofo gun are pretty cool
Thanks! These are pretty crappy compared to my other guns though. Most of these were built when I barely started K'nex gunning.
No problem. They're pretty good for when you just started k'nex gun making :)
Nice guns.

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