Some of the Best Photography Locations in Waco, TX

Picture of Some of the Best Photography Locations in Waco, TX
These instructions will take you to four photography locations that are unique to Waco, TX.  The locations include the Waco Suspension Bridge, the Dr. Pepper Museum, St. Mary's Church, and a few locations on the campus of Baylor University.  All directions will begin at the Baylor University Visitors Center located at the intersection of Baylor Ave. and University Parks Drive.  These locations are great for all occasions including graduation, engagement, weddings, formals, or just taking pictures for fun! 
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
For this adventure, you can take anything!  If you are a professional photographer, make sure to bring all of your equipment!  The great thing about these locations is that you can use any type of camera, even an iPhone if you are just getting casual fun pictures!

Step 2: The Suspension Bridge

Picture of The Suspension Bridge
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The Waco Suspension Bridge is located at the intersection of Washington and University Parks Dr.  This is a great location for any type of photo.  Some great ideas for this location are family photos, engagement photos, pre-formal photos, and graduation photos.  Although this location is great any time of day, it is best to go when it is light but not the brightest part of the day.  Because this is an outdoor location, you'll want to check the weather and make sure that it is supposed to be a pretty day.  It can be pretty windy so you might want to bring things to fix hair if you don't want that windblown look.  

Driving Time: (3 mins)

1. Start by turning left onto University Parks Dr.
2. Continue down University Parks until you reach Washington Ave.
3. The bridge will be on the right. 
kfreeman32 years ago
The objectives/goals were clearly stated.
Costs were included where they were needed. Required materials were listed, but I recommend including them in the overview rather than in Step 1. There was not a time slot given, but pictures can take a wide range of times, so they’re not really needed.
There was no logical progression, but because it’s not a linear guide, it’s not needed.
As far as information goes, Step 5 is a little faulty in that it implies that the Judge Baylor and Burleson statues are the same. I can tell that you mean Judge Baylor on Founders Mall but you say that he’s on the Burleson Quadrangle and the last picture is of Burleson.
Some steps have way more photos than others; they should be balanced a little bit better to minimize scrolling. There were no maps, but the directions are easy to follow. The pictures included were helpful to preview what the locations would look like.
The objectives were met nicely.
Notes about the effectiveness: it’s a little confusing that the interstate is referred to as 1-35 but should be I-35. But aside from that, the informality is very welcoming and keeps the reader engaged.