This is a little sample of some of the jewelery I've made. Everything that looks like silver, is silver. If you would like some hints or maybe even a whole instructable, please write, I'll see what i can do. I am going to update this album when new stuff gets made, but for now, i hope you will enjoy what i made so far :)
mclare502 years ago
Please do an instructable on the first one!!! It's so beautiful!!!!!
Flecks (author)  mclare502 years ago
I have uploaded an instructable for the two tone ring, check it out on my channel :)
Full Instructable; Yes Please!!! I am particularly interested in that two tone ring!
Flecks (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
I will make it a priority (: but I must disappoint, I'm most likely not making it out of silver and gold again.. The gold was really expensive, so as a college student that is a bit out if reach at the moment :/ I will probably make it in brass, but the method is just the same (:
Kiteman2 years ago
I would definitely like to see full step-by-steps on your jewellery!

(Have you seen the projects by Mrballeng?)
Flecks (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
I will see what I can do (: it's going to take a little while, I need both the time and money to make more of it, but follow me, then it will show up someday soon hopefully (:

Yes, I believe i've seen all of it :) but just to pat myself a little on the back, most of these was actually made before I saw his works (which is absolutely amazing...) He did teach me to solder properly tough ;)