Halo 2 Brute Shot, Some Random Stuff I've Made and a Poll.





Introduction: Halo 2 Brute Shot, Some Random Stuff I've Made and a Poll.

Righty-o, so I have around two years of random crap that I've made and figured that I might as well put them somewhere instead of removing them from existence. They're either mine, or a modified version of someone else's creation. Also, I'm very big on doing things that are impractical just because I like to make impractical things work, so the things I created are kind of silly. Read the notes on each picture for information on them, if you'd like. Oh, and I love Kinetic because I was too stupid to think of a horizontal mag when it should've been obvious until I saw his recent weapon. I got to "horizontal mag" and /facepalm'd through my computer screen for not thinking of it myself. You should check his out if you haven't; it's pretty cool.

EDIT: I have added the grenade launcher/brute shot prototype I've been working on. It's still rough, and it looks like crap because I ran out of pieces and just flat-out suck with visual designing, but it has a working horizontal mag that's actually pretty neat. I ran out of pieces, so it's a bit rough, but still. It's the first thing I'm actually proud of!! It's...a reject brute shot, we'll say. It shoots fairly decently for a grenade launcher(though I can't seem to get the rounds to explode :[ ). It actually shoots pretty darn hard for the projectile size... 50-60 feet with one weakened band, and it stings like hell when I shoot myself with it lol.. This whole thing is more of a concept, because from what I gather, it's one of a kind, and that's all I was going for. My design process: I make it unique, I make it work, I fail at making it pretty. One of these days I'll make something awesome looking >.>
Anyways, it needs more tweaking before I'll be 100% satisfied. If you'd actually want me to post it, lemme know cause I really don't want to waste my time if no one wants it haha.
Oh, and it's big. Ten layers thick at the recieving area and 8 most of the way through everything else other than the *cough* blade *cough*. 

The poll still stands for my next weapon(which would probably be later):

1) A design for a semi-auto that i have- it would have to fire grey rods but should fire them fairly hard and it will be an honest semi, not some cheap offset. Pull the trigger, fire a rod. There is one downside, and it is rather large(at least in my case)...it needs a motor, lol. That means I'd need someone else to finish it for me >.>
2) I see a lot of these weird turret things that have been coming out, so I thought of putting my own spin on the idea and creating a sort of tommy gun with a working drum mag(at least 8, possibly 16 shots). It would use the typical ram, which sucks, but should work well and would most likely fire that 'oodammo' stuff or something similar. If I wanted to stray from the idea, it could have a pump(which would kill the whole tommy gun thing) and at that point it may as well become a combat shotgun similar to the one found in Fallout 3, with the rotating drum. 



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    i love the idea of the brute shot i wana make it post instructions.

    Thank you! And I actually did, they're very, very vague instructions but they should give you an idea of how it works. It used all of my pieces so I had to take it apart long ago, though :P

    cool brute shot!

    Also did you shoot your cat with the Brute Shot?

    Thank you. And no I did not lol, because I like my cat and don't want to possibly kill it with this thing...and to your other question, the outer housing had problems so I kept the drawer but I have to redesign the outer area, which I hop to do somtime soon.

    I was just wondering about the cat, because it looks dead...

    Nah, my kitty just likes to lay all over the place :P

    Also, for a better look at the brute shot: https://www.instructables.com/id/Basic-mag-for-a-cannon/

    and can you post instructions for the last one? (The drawer/cabinet) Because i dont feel like making one out of wood