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I don't like throwing away stuff so  so now and then I just fix things, small and bigger. These are some simple small repairs I did. I fixed a parasol, an umbrella and a little pocket knive.


Omnicomponent (author)2014-04-10

Love your ethos. Wife calls it hoarding I call it prospecting. keep up the good work.

I have a wife like that as well!

Dave A (author)Pat Pending2014-04-11

Just put her outside with the garbage, look if she still calls it hoarding if you pick her up again...:-p. I like the saying that creative people don't have garbage, only new idea's.

JmsDwh (author)2014-04-11

I sometimes rebuild a missing piece of plastic, metal or other material with epoxy putty. It comes in different colors for different purposes, but after it cures it adheres to whatever it was stuck to, and becomes rock-hard. You have about 5 minutes to work the putty before it gets too hard, and in the meantime it's like working with polymer clay without the baking.

Dave A (author)JmsDwh2014-04-11

nice idea, I'll remember that one.

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