Introduction: Some Steps of Making Brooch

When an idea occurs to try and fix it quickly.

Step 1: THis Is Not Tutorial, Just Sharing Idea

We produce all the necessary parts directly in alloy.I love working with alloys.Wax - is more whimsical material.

Step 2: Put All Stuff Together

All necessary bends, fittings and layout are made primarily visual, it's simple and fantasy model.It consists of two 14k alloys. White and red gold.

Step 3:

After assembly and final treatment, "it” becomes like a brooch.

Step 4: Finish

 Finally, polished, pearls, inserting some stones - finished!


eross-1 (author)2011-09-07

that is totally gorgeous!

EarningH (author)eross-12011-09-07

Thank you

scoochmaroo (author)2011-09-07

Beautiful work! It would be awesome if you wanted to share a tutorial in the future!

EarningH (author)2011-09-07