Someone Really Wants Your Hair.





Introduction: Someone Really Wants Your Hair.

Grow your hair. Tie your hair. Cut your hair. Donate your locks.

Step 1: The GROW Part

The real helper of this instructable is if you don't use a lot of chemicals on your hair. The longer the better for this step. Any hair longer than 12 inches is cool. Any color is useful (you have more colors of hair than you think). Any type is useful curly,straight,wavy whatever ya have to share. Cleaned well with perfume free shampoo for 2 weeks.

Step 2: Tie the Hair Up Good

use at least 2 hair ties or plastic wire ties and gather as much hair as you care to donate in the final step. (Give until it hurts folks this is for kids self esteem) Then firmly gather the hair into bunches or a single ponytail whatever is most convenient. If using wire ties use pliers to tighten them firmly.

Step 3: Cut the Hair

This is the easy or the hard part (depending on your attachment to your hair) I used a hair trimmer to remove the pony tails and smooth out the scalp. A razor blade or a pair of hair shears will do too. Don't worry your hair will grow back

Step 4: Donate Your Hair

Take your newly shaved head and your locks to the computer and hit in Locks of love and find the Donate link and giver a whirl..



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No offense, but this is really hard to read without punctuation.

It is offensive. PM the author and play grammar police in private.

It's misleading when you say "any color is useful", as LoL will not use hair that's more than 5% grey. There are many guidelines that LoL has and it might be handy for some folks if you posted the guidelines. Many people have regretted cutting their hair just to find it is useless. LoL throws away more hair than it uses. They have also plainly stated that they could use money donations more than they can use hair donations. They get much more hair than they need, as they only make about 100 wigs per year, the rest of the hair is sold or thrown away. Most of their wigs are not given freely and they do not, except rarely, provide wigs to cancer patients. There are other charities out there that make wigs for cancer patients, either exclusively for or including children. Please thoroughly research any charity before donating to it.

It's not even necessary to grow your hair out to donate to Matters of Trust. They take hair any length and in any condition, they just ask that it's clean. While they don't make wigs for children with alopecia, like LoL does, they do use the hair to clean up oil spills and help save animals who are the victims of oil spills. They will take animal hair, as well, though they prefer human hair. I doubt they will end up with too much hair like LoL has, though I hope they do.

I read on LoL site that they sell the hair they can't use to offset the costs of making the hairpieces, so a donation is never wasted.

They throw a lot of the hair away.  :(

I believe it says on their website that they often throw hair away if it is not useful to them. Sometimes the hair is too damaged or chemically treated, etc. 

"Shorter hair will be separated from the ponytails and sold to offset the manufacturing costs. Although the shorter hair cannot be used in the hairpieces, it still greatly helps to reduce costs."

They are also clear on what is usable and not acceptable.  Please research before arguing a point like that.  I have been donating for 3 years now, every year, and the guidelines do change, so I research again every year.  I do know what I am talking about.

How does the Matters of Trust use hair to help animals/ the environment? That sounds cool, but what do they do with it?

They have found that human hair absorbs oil extremely well. They use the hair to make mats which are used to soak up oil spills and help clean up animals that are covered with oil. The hair soaks up the oil from the water's surface or the animal's fur or feathers and keeps it from re-polluting. The mats can then be composted and used in gardens to provide nutrition for the plants and to keep animals away. They explain it really well on their website: :)

The nicest thing about donating to them is they will take any length of hair in any condition and they will take animal hair, as well, though human is preferred. Hair salons can ship them the clippings from their floor. :D

Wow. That's really cool. I think I'll look into that.

I've been thinking about doing this, and my sister told me that locks-of-love was struggling these days b/c they evidently have way too much hair, but don't have the money to bind the hair into wigs. Is this true? If so, are they still collecting hair while they fund raise? What's the deal with this? Does anyone know? Thanks!