Make a jack-o-lantern that plays, and flashes Multi-Colored LED's to everyones favorite Halloween song.

Step 1: Overview

This project will show you how to make an awesome PIC controlled pumpkin that flashes different LED's to the tune of the Adams family at the same time as it plays the Adams family theme song through a speaker.

This video is of the LED lights going off outside of the pumpkin.

Sorry, I couldn't get my camera to pick up the light coming out of the pumpkin well enough to be worth including the video of this really working.
how did u change the start button?
I have an Instructable that details how to change the start button text <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Customize-your-computer!/">here</a>. Check it out, there is also some other stuff there that you might like. <br/>
kool beans
Oh! I want one!! I wonder if i could fit a servo inside to actuate the jaw of the pumkin.?! Then spooky mumbling sounds played in the back ground... Oh sick! Thanks for the idea!

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