One of my previous colleagues requested a giraffe for her niece, Sonia.  I came up with a baby giraffe that was chubby and round and easy for little hands to hold.  Originally, I had planned to give her a short neck but I tried a few sizes and nothing looked quite right.  I ended up scrapping the neck and I'm still very happy with the results  :)
How long did it take you? It is adorable.
When i was making this pig it took me about four/five hours (sorry for my english i don´t know if that sentence is grammatically correct)
i'm so sorry i didn't respond sooner! i'm not sure how long the giraffe took me to make since i rarely pay attention to time when i'm crocheting. i would say it took me a couple of days working on and off.
it is awesome! I will try it do with a long neck :)))
thank you! i'd love to see what you come up with :)
okay thank you so much!
is there like a pattern for this giraffe, i wanna make it for my friend for her birthday. thank you!
hello! i haven't yet decided if i will make the pattern available for sale but if i do, i'll let you know :) thanks!
so cute :)
thanks cgg123321!
it's ADORABLE!!!! <3
thank you! ^_^

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