Sonic Screwdriver


Introduction: Sonic Screwdriver

So before I begin this isn't really. Instructable I am just showing off my sonic screwdriver. So I recently got into doctor who and I thought I'd make a sonic screwdriver. The body is made out of pvc pipe and the black part at the bottom is the top of a mag light. The part that lights up is a car flashlight that you can charge in your cigarette lighter. I put a price of pic pipe around that, sanded it down and painted it silver. Then I placed a blue glass bead type thing on the top to make it shine blue. And of course to make it time on and off I used that metal rod which in my opinion looks different and interesting. At first I was going to try to copy the 9/10th doctors screwdriver but decided I wanted to make my own version of it. Because just like the doctors, we are all different :-) hope you all like it and feel free to say what you guys think in the comments.



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    Very nice. Love the hardware store feel to it. Every Wizards wand, every Time Lord's tool, every Jedi's saber should be custom made for and by the user.

    This is cool! Thanks for sharing!