Sonic Seed Sower





Introduction: Sonic Seed Sower

Sowing tiny seeds in neat rows can be a tedious process. Often you will oversow them then need to heavily thin things out later. This is wasteful and inefficient.

There are lots of commercial devices to help but they can be expensive and often don't work very well.
I came up with this after seeing a similer device in a catalog for $80 and thought I could make it cheaper.

You will need:

1) A Sonicare or other sonic type toothbrush (You may be able to use other types of electric toothbrushes I just happened to have a Sonicare)
2) A single slat from a vinyl mini blind
3) A rubber band
4) Scissors

Step 1: The Parts

Once you have what you need you can proceed.

Cut the slat about 8 inches longer than your toothbrush.
Cut one end to a point and gently crease the slat into a “V” shape for about half its length.
Attach slat to toothbrush with rubber band.


Step 2: Using Your Device

To use the sower you place some seed in the channel and turn the brush on.

The seed will march down the "V" like ants at a picnic. 
By adjusting your grip (pinching down) on the “V” shaped part of the slat and adjusting the angle you have a huge measure of control.


Step 3: UPDATE-Adding a Bulk Hopper

Someone said that they would like the device to hold larger amounts of seed so they wouldn't have to reload as often.

After some pondering (and a raid on the junk drawer in the kitchen) I came up with this.

I got a small funnel, cut off the handle and taped it to a piece of mini blind slat.

You could use hot glue also.

I drilled a small hole, in this case 5/32",  in the funnel to allow it to slip over the metal vibrating tip of the toothbrush.

A litle bend in the mini blind slat and a zip tie, done.

click thru the images below for detail.



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    Thank you for posting this instructable about your Sonic Seed Sower. I made one except I used a piece of card stock that I taped with wide scotch tape. I found it really fun to use even though I only sow a few feet of row at a time

    The toothbrush idea is good. You can now buy a battery operated tooth brush for around $8. I have one by Oral-B and uses a AAA battery.

    you could probably also make one of these with a..umm.. vibrating personal massager... :D



    somehow I don't think it would be featured on the front page... :)

    OMG hahahahahahahahahaha

    Hell, You could make it with An old Playstation controller.

    But that's not as fun as what you suggested...