Introduction: Sonic Foam Glider

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Hi all ! Here is another my project inspired by Instructions is very similar as on this video :

Step 1: Step 1 Tools

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Tools you need is :

1. Ruler

2. glue stick not abrasive to foam

3. hot glue gun

4. scalper

5. scissors

6. scotch tape

Step 2: Step 2 Materials

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Materials you need is a foam plates or floor isolator foam 3 mm thickness, its usually called "Arbitron" or "Izo floor". You also need a two washers 20 mm big and 1.5 mm thick, you can use small coins or coin not heavier than 3 - 4 grams. Here is a PDF file download and enjoy


achmad_dj (author)2017-07-27

many thanks for your sharing

luthfurrahman (author)2016-03-17


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