Picture of Sonic the Hedgehog Mascot Costume
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I created this costume for my son. We ordered a few mascot to promote our business and they were way to big for him He wanted Sonic but it was over $200 online. I decided to try and make it myself. This is the first costume I have made from scratch. My husband and I own a Halloween store so I have been working on more homemade items.
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Step 1: Step 1 to making the mascot head

Picture of Step 1 to making the mascot head
I used a cheap punch balloon and covered in with paper mache. I did this over several days; allowing it to completely dry in between layers I used a fan to speed up the process.. Then after popping the balloon I cut the hole in the bottom for your head. I drew the face on with marker just to get a good idea of where everything would be. I also cut out the eyes where you would be looking out of.

Step 2: Step 2 Mascot head

Picture of Step 2 Mascot head
Next I cut slits in the head for each spike Sonic had. 6 total; 2 on each side and 2 on the top. I reinforced these with cardboard. I also reinforced the head opening with duct tape. I cut foam strips and put them through each hole. I hot glued each one in place.

Step 3: Step 3 Mascot head

Picture of Step 3 Mascot head
sonic 028.JPG
After the spikes I added the ears, these are just 2 pieces of foam cut into triangles and again I slit the head to put them in and reinforced with hot glue. Then I took regular batting used for making quilts and hot glued it over the entire head...spikes and all. This helps to smooth everything out. After the batting it all looks like one structure. I drew the face on again just to get a good sense of everything. I cut the eyes out again and glued the excess inside. *NOTE: make sure the eye holes are big enough. I had to go back after the costume was complete and cut them large because my son wasn't comfortable with his vision.
RouRou_19782 months ago

WOW!! very nice!!

limecosplay made it!2 months ago

Thanks for this awesome tutorial on the head. I'll soon upload pictures of Sonic to facebook so if you are interessted

tumblr_diys7 months ago
Sanic fast
clawson91 year ago
That looks great you did a fantastic job
And you spend a master class? And then I signed up!
I voted for u thank u so much
jleighkrupp (author)  sickdevotee631 year ago
Thanks so much, I really appreciate that.
can you do a tails version so i can make this for my bf
jleighkrupp (author)  violetkitty1 year ago
I'm actually in the middle of a couple projects now. But tails can be built a lot luke Sonic. He doesnt have the spike which makes it easier. He also has 2 long tales. Same face shape and eyes. His snout is furrier and his color is a mustard yellow. Good luck!!
i have always been a fan of sonic the hedgehog
jleighkrupp (author)  sickdevotee631 year ago
My son has too.
ghicken1 year ago
Gotta go fast
husamwadi1 year ago
Thats tight!

This is probably one of the most legit costumes/mascots I've seen!

keep it up!
jleighkrupp (author)  husamwadi1 year ago
Thanks so much!!
Honus1 year ago
For your first scratch made costume that is really impressive!
jleighkrupp (author)  Honus1 year ago
Thanks, there's a ton of things I would have done different but my son was impressed so that's good enough for me lol
Cool suit, he inspired me to do the same in anything like that. You may have to make an order.))))
jleighkrupp (author)  Panic73953551 year ago
Thanks so much!