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I've made this Sonic figurine out of polimer clay ( ). I only posted photos because I think they speak for themself.
Enjoy :)


triumphman (author)2012-01-04

You have great artistic ability. You shoul be a sculptor! Nice job! I just made a Fimo snowman for my wife and a Yoshi ( super Mario dragon) for my daughter. I had to heat them to 230 degrees F. For 30 minutes in a small toaster oven. They turned out nicely. But not as nice as yours. Thank you for sharing .

poofrabbit (author)2011-04-25

Well done! Your craftsmanship is fantastic! Voted for you for the I made it! Good luck!

ZoDo (author)poofrabbit2011-04-25

Thank you. I apreciate it.

Kiteman (author)2011-04-03

Very nice.

ZoDo (author)Kiteman2011-04-03


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