Picture of Sonicare FlexCare - Tighten metal shaft
This process will demonstrate how to remove the internal assembly and tighten the metal shaft on a Sonicare FlexCare toothbrush.

To complete this, you will need 5-10 minutes and the following:
Standard flat head screwdriver
#0 Phillips screw driver
A little common sense

Step 1: Disassembly

Picture of Disassembly
Remove brush head
Using a standard flathead screwdriver
Gently twist the bottom plug until it releases
Gently remove the plug

Please note the tabs holding the plug in place are soft plastic and look like they will easily break.

Holding the body, push down on the metal shaft. Because of the seal it will take a little effort so I used side of the handle on my screw driver to break the seal and push it down.
Pull the internal assembly out

SnehalP4 months ago

The screw in my toothbrush doesn't seem to be loose. However my metal shaft has detached from the main body of the toothbrush and the rubber seal around it has broken. Any ideas what to do or where replacement parts could be obtained?

Stifting2 years ago
Hi, followed your instructions, tightened the screw. powers on, but no vibration. Any other suggestions?
davejohnson01 (author)  Stifting2 years ago
It is possible that maybe there is something else that is broken? For me it was just a loose screw.

If you locate the problem, please post a reply.

Good luck!

I had this problem on mine. It ended up being that the coils had slipped forward and come in contact with the metal base that makes the head vibrate. Basically, there needs to be a small air gap between the end of the electromagnetic coils and the shiny metal peice just in front of them. If they make contact, the vibration is greatly reduced. There are two slotted screw holes on the assembly at the base of the coils. One of them is under the circuit board, so you will need to remove the entire assembly to get to the other screw. Loosen them up and pull the coils all the way back, and i used a piece of thin plastic between the coils and the metal piece to maintain the gap when I pushed the coils back up. Tighten the screws and remove the plastic, and reassemble.

twidgren5 months ago

I got it out (use a very broad tip screwdriver!) and tightened it up, but then when putting it back in, the toothbrush turned on for a bit, then turned off and now will not turn back on again....did i short something out somewhere? I put the core on the basestation and it charges, but can't get the thing to turn back on again... Any suggestions?

markus7732 years ago
Thanks for your ideas! I had the same problem but in my case there is a part broken: So too late...
RalfR markus7738 months ago

Yup, same with me. Dropped mine accidently and the part of aluminium-cast seems to be broken. Anybody has an idea where to get these as replacements?

davejohnson01 (author)  RalfR8 months ago
Bummer. Pretty sure our friends at Phillips does not consider this a serviceable item.

If you have all of the pieces you could try a 2 part epoxy or something like that? If that doesn't work then it is probably time for a new unit.

Hi Dave, right, Philips just wrote me... "please send it to one of our repair-shop for exchange"... at a cost naturally. I really hate this mentality of non maintainable products.It's awful.

Epoxy will not work IMO because of the mechanical stress this part is suffering.

cmajors11 months ago

Very helpful tip and good instructions. Worked like a charm. And then I fixed it again 2 days later, and today the screw came out again. I would like to know if there is a way to get a replacement screw -- or possibly the threads are loose where it is going. Has there been success with locking washers or any other fixes to hold these pieces together? Tx.

luvzforplay11 months ago

The repair worked perfectly , worked for a while then stopped again I took it apart again , put red lock tight on the threads of the screw and will try again ..I would however wright a small disclaimer telling people to be very carful unscrewing the end cap for the 1/4 turn , cause if you break the plastic locks you'll have a problem getting it back together !

lemarais881 year ago
Thanks, you saved me from a bunch of inconveniences during an already hectic time of year; greatly appreciate you posting this. My husband fixed it within 3 minutes for me (tightened a couple of screws). I also realized that a new brush head also was needed.
mhoeffner3 years ago
Thanks. You just saved me from having to buy a replacement for an otherwise fully functional brush. Unfortunately I was impatient and made a mess of the soft plastic base so I'll need to find something to seal it to make it waterproof again.
It lasted another year and a half before I had to tighten it again. This time I had a little trouble getting the inner component out but I turned it upside down and pushed the top down on to the top of a table and it came out easily.
dspek2 years ago
Thanks! Worked for me. Great instructions.
Pascal6662 years ago
Twist the bottom plug in which direction?
davejohnson01 (author)  Pascal6662 years ago
I don't recall, but generally it is righty tighty lefty loosey (counter clockwise).