​Sonic's Turret Pistol





Introduction: ​Sonic's Turret Pistol

Sonic's Turret Pistol this is my 2nd entry for the rubber band contest so please vote!

After making some different Knex turret guns I thought that it might be fun to make a turret pistol so here is my first turret gun. It uses a TR8 like turret, with some small changes. It has no ratchet mech, I did not quite know how to make a ratchet, but you don't have to hand turn it to the next round.

Also I tried to take some better pictures. Tell me what you think!

This gun gets pretty good range. I don't have a room big enough to do any long range testing but I will post the stats when I do some more testing.


true trigger

hold lots of bands

low piece count

no broken parts

looks nice IMO

pretty compact

easy to make, good gun for beginners

comfortable handle if you hold it with a good grip


no ratchet mech

hurts a little if you hold it to loose

Please give me your feedback and thoughts and also please comment, like, and subscribe.



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    It would be great for you to share your ideas on my forum topic!

    I really like how this looks! I'm guessing it is capable of at least 60 feet with oodammo. Nice job!

    Thanks I think it got about 60 feet but i don't have it any more.

    Also, the type of barrel you used is one of the strongest kinds. I really like them.

    That might be cool for a profile picture but it seems like a waste of time i think i will work on my rail action rifle instead.

    Looks good but the building style is a little outdated.