Sonoran Hot Dog





Introduction: Sonoran Hot Dog

  As you cycle around Tucson, you will come to pass hundreds of Mexican restaurants, taco stands, and hot dog carts serving a Sonoran Hot Dog. Thing is, every one of them is different and they all claim to be the best. After many samples, and some foul heartburn, I started to make my own out of the food stuffs I use.
  These are WAY easy to make and it would be great at a party letting everyone make their own at a "condiment bar".  It took about a hour to make these dogs.

Step 1: Ingredients

hot dogs, bacon, bolillo bread, can of pinto beans, can of jalapeno/carrots, onion, avocado, lime juice, tomatoes, mayo, and tooth picks

Step 2: Prep'n the Dogs

A slice of bacon rapped around a hot dog held by a tooth pick at each end. Easy stuff!

Step 3: Prep'n the Condiments

Rinse and drain the canned goods, dice the onion and tomato, half your limes, slice up you avocado, and cut out a chunk of the bolillo bread for all the goods to rest in.

Step 4: Get'em on the Grill

For the most part you are only cooking the bacon.  I cook on low heat with the lid open.  I also recommend taking a water bottle and poke some holes in the top.  Use it if the fire flashes up on you. I use thick sliced bacon, it seems to cook better.

Step 5: Slap'em Together

I wipe on some mayo, sprinkle in some beans, add lime, the dog, stuff in the jalapeno, carrots, and avocado on the sides, put on some tomatoes, finish off with onion, and serve up...... Can I get an easy button over here?



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I'm from a border town and moved throught southern AZ never a lime in sight unless it was also a taco truck. My 2 cents.

I agree. I live in tucson, and none of the hot dog carts have limes...only the burrito and taco stands....limes do not go on Sonoran hot dogs....or any dogs.

Another way to work amazing Hot Dog Twists

Dam it look good

I have eaten a lot of different foods in Mexico hot dogs were not one of them. This is one I surely will have to try. In SD, Ca. we used to make langoosta guacamole and that used to freak peeps out. This was 30 years ago and peeps still freak when they try it.

What is langoosta guacamole???

Guacamole with Pacific lobster( claw less lobsters caught off California) it is delicious. If you know how to make guacamole just add some lobster in with it and waalaa there it is.

OMG... you are reading my life! Here in la Bocana, Lobster season opens on October 1st! My closest neighbor is a Lobster Man... yum!

I love scallop cerviche... and ALWAYS with chunks of avocado... but how delicious it would be to add lobster?!?

You INSPIRE me!!!

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Have a great weekend.