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Many of you seemed to like the instructable regarding how to turn a "boring old black t-shirt into something else, using bleach," http://www.instructables.com/id/Transforming-a-boring-old-black-t-shirt-using-blea/ so I am submitting this second one which will tell you how to make some more interesting (and less paint ball effect) patterns. Presenting Sons of Boring old black - the sequel!

Step 1: The three "sons"!

Picture of The three
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As my own son would no longer let me anywhere near his closet, let alone hand over any more t-shirts, I had to visit my local thrift store and buy my own black shirts. They cost about two bucks each and all looked new. One even had the tag and price left on! One is plain black, one has a logo and design on the back, the other has the Greek alphabet on the front! They need livening up!
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kylekosan232 months ago
All mine turn orange.

genial, mis hijos van locos

I am a little confused. In the first Instructable the solution was 1/3 bleach to 2/3 cold tap water. In this Instructable the solution was 3 parts cold water and one part bleach. Which one is the correct?
Doesn't really matter like trogdoroth said. You can use all bleach, but it's much more powerful (obviously)
It probably doesn't matter since there's only a 1/12 difference.
So, in the fan fold, wouldn't one side of the shirt be affected more than the other by the bleach?
Awesome designs! :D
OK how did you get circles? My daughter likes cheetas.
Thinking about it, I came up with two ways. 

One use a shot glass or smaller diameter.  Put bleach in a dish and dip the glass in the bleach then press on the shirt.... sort of like a cookie cutter.

Or you could do it the same way we tie dyed way back when. 

You use small rubber bands, using your finger from underneath, push up a "circle" of fabric and wrap it with rubber bands.

the object of course would be black circles with a hopeful tan background

Good luck
BobbyCage5 years ago
 cool! liked the instructable. I will be experimenting with folds

I'm also looking for one to do with stebcils or one to bleach with a design...any suggestions?

 This is cool O w O. I like the triangle fold best. definitely going to try it. ^___^
doug920655 years ago
i was wondering if you could do this with pants...
soooo can u?

neoconeco6 years ago
wow! looks awesome!
how do u get that red affect??
stinkymum (author)  slipkmnotmex697 years ago
It isn't really red, it's more reddish brown. When I edited the photo I may have lightened it to show the pattern effect better. However, the black dye they use for t-shirts seems to be different in every shirt! It's a hit and miss thing, as you don't know what the colours will be until after you have done the bleaching process. By the way, if you bleach a brown shirt you can get green and brown! Check this out this web site from another instructable member
stinkymum (author)  stinkymum7 years ago
However the brown one I bleached only gave me brown and light brown - it's the original dyes, the original dyes!
new bleach 003.jpg
how could I do this to a pair of jeans
The front looks like the Shroud of Turin. Nice.
gloflyer6 years ago
Ok. My daughter likes pink, so I got her a pink T-shirt on sale cheap. I washed it in case if there was any sizing in the fabric. Then fold, fold, fold.

10 minutes. Nothing. 20 minutes. Nothing. 24 minutes and more bleach. Nothing. I began to question if it was 100% cotten, but I didn't want to unfold it to check the label.

Then Brilliant inspiration I put the whole thing in a microwave safe bowl and into the mcirowave. 1 minute at a time. Flipping it over between each minute.

10 minutes in the micro wave was a bit too much I should have stopped earlier, but it really worked!
stinkymum (author)  gloflyer6 years ago
Do you have a photo - I would love to see the results!
I am still in the dark ages. Will have to try to figure out how to add a photo.
Second lesson learned:

Too long is too long

I did a second shirt (dark blue) It went super fast. I should have grabbed it quicker. In about 6 minutes my shirt was mostly cinamon brown.

Will try to figure out the picture thing tomorrow.

This is a great instructable!!
stinkymum (author)  gloflyer6 years ago
when you add a comment in the comment box you will see above where you type in your comment that there is an "add images" box. Click on this and then an attach image box will appear below the comment box. Go down and hit browse and it should be o.k. and you should be able to upload your picture from your computer.
hey the flower fold has crosses in it...
stinkymum (author)  fancypenguin8457 years ago
Yes, it does! I never thought of that before! Reminds me of wrought iron railings!
if you take an exact knife and distress the hems on the sleeves and the neck it creates more of an aged look. I have seen shirts in stores go for more then $50 that look just like this. so, bleach a shirt, distress the hems and stencil some image on it then you just saved $50!!
stinkymum (author)  the great MAL7 years ago
Thanks for the neat idea!
trisman7 years ago
i would like to get in contact with you. how can i do that.
if you ever want to contact someone privately, go to their profile by clicking their name. right under their photo is a button that says private message me. click that to contact them
hernanai7 years ago
I did a double take on the front of the greek shirt. At first glance I thought I saw Bob Marley's face in it... (I might've just been me though...) Cool Shirts!
no i saw it too! weird...
Haha, yeah I see the face. Of course it looks just like a generic person with dreads to me.
stinkymum (author)  DeadConcious7 years ago
I can see scary faces on lots of things!
Kasasha7 years ago
This is really cool. I've been using bleach on my t-shirts for a while now. You dont only have to use black shirts. I made these two a couple months ago. The green one was done with a bleach pen and a foam stamp. The blue one was done with a spray bottle.
stinkymum (author)  Kasasha7 years ago
Thanks for the new idea, I've got a boring old green shirt.......
Make It Nou7 years ago
Ah Well, Great project. If i Had KNow About this site a Week Erlier i would have made an instructable too ;_;
ibuddah7 years ago
here are the picts
stinkymum (author)  ibuddah7 years ago
Most cool!
ibuddah7 years ago
I just got done with one of mine I went for kind of a flintstones peace sign on the back.
duck-lemon7 years ago
oh dang i was doing a bleach stencil one. You beat me to it. Good work
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