While hiking in Moab, I, like many others before me, discovered the fragility of a digital camera LCD. Not wanting to pitch a 'perfectly good' camera, or pay an exorbitant repair fee at a Sony Service Center which would exceed the cost of a new camera, I decided to attempt the job myself.

In this instructable I show how to replace a cracked LCD in a Sony Cybershot DSC-W50 digital camera with a new one purchased online.

The instructable broken down into the following steps:
1. Tools & Parts
2. Casing Disassembly
3. Removal of Broken LCD
4. Installation of New LCD
5. Casing Reassembly
6. Testing / Conclusion

Step 1: Tools & Parts

In order to complete this instructable the following parts and tools are required:

- Sony DSC-W50 digital camera with broken (cracked) LCD
- replacement LCD

- Small (precision / jeweller's) Phillips screwdriver
- Small flathead screwdriver or other precision prying tool
- Tweezers or other precision grasping tool (optional)
- patience

New LCDs fitting the DSC-W50 camera can be purchased online used or new from several sources, although I would be hesitant about buying a replacement part used (such as off ebay).

I purchased my replacement LCD at darntoothysam as all their camera parts are factory new. There are other retailers which offer replacement parts though considerable research may be required.

I believe that the LCD is identical for W models 5, 7, 50 and 70, though don't hold me to this. As always, Google is your friend.

Thanks a lot for the guide. I worked perfectly!<br>I bought a broken camera on e-bay for 20dollar and fixed my screen in less then 15 minutes!! <br>
Great work. Did the LCD cost less than just buying the same camera (used) on eBay? Just curious.
I often see a lot of those "Omg I broke my camera screen" posts and its good to do some careful searching as the LCD may be used on other models. The touch screen ones are a lot more expensive than the basic LCD. Even if the digitizer seems okay, it seems difficult to find just the LCD itself. So I will guess like $60 which isn't too bad. By the way, myles_h I believe you left the screen protector on the LCD. It looks like the thin film to protect it during shipping is still stuck to your screen.
The replacement screens are &quot;taped&quot; so definetly remove them when you get to your final steps.<br />
I just posted a reply that ansers your question. YES, the LCD cost less than the used camera I initially bought to replace it. I figured with a dead camera, I had nothing to lose, and tried it!<br />
My DSC-W170 got cracked last year-camera worked (on last setting), screen PFFFTT! The quote to fix from Sony was $400; a new DSC-W300 (the only new DSC-W model that supports underwater photography and fits my underwater case) was about&nbsp; $350, so since I needed the camera, I&nbsp;bought another 170 on eBay for about $140. Then I&nbsp;saw the eBay listings for the replacement screens and bought one for $25. What the heck, eh? I'm pretty handy and figured I could do this. <br /> Step 1: opened parcel<br /> Step 2: surfed the net for some know how and found this page--hurray!<br /> Step 3: opened up camera (no problems) but, dismayed, found this model needed soldering<br /> Step 4: heated up soldering iron and gingerly removed the old one. It was a two contact solder, tape to circuit board. I've never done this sort of soldering, just basic &quot;join two wires&quot; type stuff. Succeeded!!!!<br /> Step 5: Gingerly redsoldered... more success!<br /> And it works!!!! Thanks, your step by step was well worth joining the community!<br /> <br /> <br />
Wow, that's fantastic.... soldering does make things a little more tricky but glad to hear that everything worked out. Some of my past experiences with the art of soldering have been less than successful. And I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my instructable and found it useful. <br /> <br /> If you happened to take any photos of your project (if you're like me and happen to have two cameras lying around) that would also make a cool instructable which I would be interested to see....<br /> <br /> Cheers then.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;

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