This is a tutorial on how to make a lightsaber using Sony Vegas (I will be using Sony Vegas 6.0 in this tutorial but any version should work).  Microsoft Paint will also be used to draw a white line for the saber blade base (almost any drawing/photo-editing software can be used).  Please comment, rate, and subscribe.
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Step 2: Step 2 - Sony Vegas Studio

First open Sony Vegas Studio.  Then open up the file that you just made in step 1 into the Vegas timeline, we will call this layer1.  Then go to Media Generators>Solid Colors>Black and set that onto a sepperate timeline, we will call this layer2.  Then chroma key out the black in layer1. Continued on next step.

Step 3: Step 3 - Sony Vegas Studio

Picture1 - Select the Track Motion button on the layer1 timeline.  
Picture2 - In the Track Motion box there should be a tick box that says something like 2d glow, so click on that.
Picture3 - Change the color to what you want your lightsaber to be (in my case orange).  Set the blur to 8.00% and the intensity to 60.00%.
Roland S3 months ago

How good is Sony Vegas Pro is it better than After Effects. I am looking for a good program to use.

nice, can you use this software to edit video as well? could you add lightsabers to a video of two people fencing or something similar?
electronicz (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
Yes, this is a video editing software, it is possible to add lightsabers to a video, I have made a very short video using this process. You have to put the lightsaber on the video frame by frame, which is a very tedious process. That is how they made the lightsaber duel scenes in the Star Wars movies. If anyone wants me to make an instructable on how to add a lightsaber to a movie, please comment.