Step 5: Finish and Test

Say a quick prayer and attempt to power up the "new" machine.

Wow, i normally flick through all these interesting builds on instructables but this one really caught my eye!! I am no expert but this would ''look'' fantastic i you designed a professional looking cover for it. I am really impresed with this, itmade me bother to sign up so i could comment!! well done!!!
Awesome project, I'm looking at doing something similar. I love your final product. Just using the plastic from from Michael's instead of using acrylic sheet was a good idea. <br><br>Are you able to easily access the DVD drive? I suppose you could always forgo a hardware switch and just use the &quot;right click&quot; computer-&gt;right click dvd drive-&gt;select eject...how do you handle accessing the DVD drive?
I know this is a bit old but in addition I would add automotive grade window tint to the front would hid the electronic bits while still allowing the image to show through. some may prefer the clear option but for a more spartan look solid black might be a bonus.
If you need a light OS for your digital picture frame you can use this one based on openSUSE11.3: <a>http://susegallery.com/a/OFJVZe/photoframe</a>
Looks like it originally had win 98. Not sure if you can check out the Revolutions pack n the win 98 still alive campaign...
Nice project!&nbsp; I just did this with an aging alienware that had busted hinges and was falling apart.&nbsp; I have my display rotated so I can read PDF&nbsp;files on it as if I were holding a magazine sized ebook reader.&nbsp; And with the mouse and the virtual keyboard, I&nbsp;rarely need to hook up a regular keyboard.&nbsp; Such an excellent bedside computer!&nbsp; Excellent project, thanks for the idea and the instructable!<br />
i have got the same keybord like you but by mine the 1;2;3 butten dosent work...........it cant be repaired, can it?
very nice...i'm looking to do a similar project, only i want to put a laptop into an iMAC shell...i found an imac at a garage sale for $10...and i have an olllld laptop...voila...maybe very nice project....
Nice job. Also try installing os x on the vaio laptop, it would be awsome! 
Wow, This is Pretty Close to what i was planning to do.
Great Build, Thanks for the instructions.

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