In this instructable we will go over how to construct a quick and easy way to decorate your home for halloween!  I made this entire project using scrap material, software and machines that I have acess to at Techsop Menlo Park!

What's needed:
acrylic of your color preference
acrylic cement or acetone
access to the eplilog lasers onsight
CorelDraw knowledge

Step 1: Setting Up Your File

I selected a JPEG file that I liked from the interenet and opened it in CorelDraw.  From there I took all the necesary steps in order to make it a laserable file.  

I then created a circle to represent the moon and adjusted the size to my liking.  It helped to make the circle first on my original file and place it where I wanted to see how it was going to look.  Then I created the same size circle in a different file as I wanted the moon to be orange acrylic in stead of black.

Then to support my piece so it would stand alone I created some triangles that I would later attach to the back of my project.  I put those on the same file as the tree because they will be going on the back of the project and the color did not matter to me.
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