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Introduction: Soot Sprite Earrings

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How to make earrings inspired by my favorite Miyazaki creature!

Step 1: Gather Materials!

1. Black Fingering Weight Yarn

2. 7 mm Googly Eyes

3. Gem Star Sticks by DCWV

4. Yellow, Pink, and Turquoise Sharpies

5. E600 Glue

6. Gun Metal Chain

7. Lever Back Earring Finding

8. Scissors

9. Teeny bit of black embroidery thread

10. FORK

Step 2: Watch the Video

Enjoy the new adorable earrings!

I would be grateful if you voted for me in the Glue Contest ending July 21 2014.

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    I've watched every single one of the Miyazaki movies! Great job on this!

    2 replies

    i have too I love skirted away!

    Sprite: a small supernatural creature related to fairies or ghosts.

    so cute!!!

    Yeah, I hope I'm more creative!