A veces necesito poner mi bicicleta "patas para arriba" sobre la mesa, pero las cosas que hay en el manubrio me lo dificultan. Hoy quise facilitarme el trabajo de una vez por todas. (Several times I needed to put my bike "upside down" on the table, but all the attachments that are in the handlebars did me it difficult. Today I decided to facilitate the job once and for all).

Step 1: Materiales a Usar (Materials to Use)

Yo no soy de esos que salen corriendo a comprar. Generalmente trato de arreglarme con lo que tengo.
(I am not one of those people running out to buy: I try often to use what I have).
que bien un huacal, ese se consigue donde sea jeje
Tuve que buscar "huacal" en el diccionario, porque acá no se usa. Gracias, aprendí una palabra nueva. (I had to search for "huacal" (crate) in the dictionary, because here is not used. Thanks, I learned a new word)
. Another good one from rimar2000.<br/>. There are several &#65533;'s (non-displaying characters) in the intro. You should be able to learn how to get rid of them using <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Instructables_Text_Formatting/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Instructables_Text_Formatting/</a> . See the entities section near the bottom. If you need help, PM me.<br/>
Good work, keep it up.
Mui bien! Very clever!

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