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Introduction: Sorceress Staff



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    Thanks so much for posting this! I've been trying to find a simple but really cool Sorceress Staff and this one fits the bill. I'll try to make it tomorrow.

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    Not a problem! For the LED battery I taped it to the staff near the globe with electrical tape and painted over it. One wire trails down and loops around the handle, while the other is straight down one side. I loosely taped it so that all I had to do was press down to complete the circuit and light the LED. Thanks and hope ya share pictures!

    I made this for my Halloween costume last year. I had a broken standing lamp just taking up closet space. The globe at the top is a Christmas ornament that I got at Hobby Lobby. I filled it with clear blue and white diamond beads and put a red led inside. The switch is a simple wire switch that I concealed under the gold vine embellishment. I painted the staff to look vaguely wooden. It sill looks kind of metallic, but I liked that since I wanted it to be otherwordly. Comes with the territory of being a sorceress ;) The gold vines were made from hot glue that I painted the wooden color, and then rubbed gold antique rubbing wax onto it. It stand about 5ft 6in, perfect for my height.