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I got the idea for this after seeing the one made by gmjhowe.  The button on the side actually works, because I used a spring.  Almost everything you see is held on by brads (little brass paper fasteners, for those outside the US).  I used them because they're metal and I have no power tools to speak of.  Sorry my hands look so pink; I know absolutely nothing about lighting or shutter speeds.


springlauncher (author)2011-09-13

I need a simple time machine please!!!

Skinr (author)springlauncher2011-10-17

Well, your best bet as far as simple ones go is to use a sundial (or an old-style analog watch), a manual compass, and an hourglass. The sand in the hourglass is made from iron or nickel filings, and the sundial is brass. Hook em up with some 1/2" diameter copper wire, wind the watch, and voila.

springlauncher (author)2011-09-16

some........ body .........giv..........time machine

anibioman (author)2011-01-04

actually brads arent paper fasteners they are nails that come shooting out of brad guns but thy dont really have heads. paper fasteners are just called paper fasteners. i live in the us just saying.

Skinr (author)2009-12-07

I recently found the lid to this tin, so my machine now has a cover.

Kiteman (author)2009-11-05

If it "goes", maybe you should post a video as well?

gmjhowe (author)2009-11-04

 Hey, Nice work, you did a great job 'meshing' all those circular bits inside of the case. The final things looks nice and compact.

When I saw the thumbnail, I was like 'hmm, wonder if they were inspired by mine?' and I was correct!

You have done my original instructable justice.

Keep up the good work.

Skinr (author)gmjhowe2009-11-04

Wow!  Thanks so much for the feedback!

Very Interesting (author)2009-11-04

Nicely done!

spacepirate04 (author)2009-11-04

This is pretty cool i should have done something like that with my pocket watch

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