Introduction: Soul in a Jar

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a soul in a jar. A soul in a jar Is a laser engraved jar with blinking and fading leds that make the laser engraved face look illuminated.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

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Here are the parts and tools needed to make this project:

Small glass jar that can fit in a laser cutter

At tiny 85

Arduino Uno for programming

Small circuit board that fits through hole in the top of the jar

Laser cutter

Soldering iron


2 LEDs any colour will work I used yellow

Computer with Arduino IDE

4 pin chip socket for at tiny 85


Cr2032 battery

Cr2032 battery holder (if you dont have one you can 3d print one)`

Step 2: Laser Engrave Jar

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Using a laser cutter engrave this picture on the glass jar:

Step 3: Solder Circuit

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First solder the 8 pin socket to the circuit board. Then solder the LEDs as shown in the first picture. Make sure to remember which lead is positive and which one is negative. Solder the two negative leads to each other and solder them to the pin that goes to the at tiny's ground pin (pin 4) . Solder circuit as shown in the schematic.

Step 4: Drill Hole Through Cork

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Measure the diameter of each of the wires and add the diameters together and use a drill bit slightly larger than that. Drill out the hole in the middle of the cork and put 2 wires through the cork these wires will connect to the battery pack.

Step 5: Wire Battery Pack

Picture of Wire Battery Pack

Hot glue the cr2032 battery pack to the cork and solder the negative lead of the battery pack to the at-tiny pin 4 (ground). Then solder the positive lead of the battery pack to the at-tiny pin 8 (voltage in)

You can 3d print a battery pack if you dont have one. Here is a link to one that works great:

Step 6: Program Arduino

Picture of Program Arduino

View my other instructable to program the attiny:

Use the arduino sketch below:

Step 7: Done!

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tofugami (author)2014-08-16

Creepy cool!

seamster (author)2014-08-15

Cool! No video of it in action?

Zach Sousa (author)seamster2014-08-15

Great idea! A video will be up in about 5-10 minutes!

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