The Clapper was a popular gadget in the 80's and 90's. It let you turn appliances on and off just by clapping. This can be pretty useful, but it has some limitations. First there is the problem of loud noises accidentally turning the lights off. Also, you can't control multiple outlets independently of each other.

So I decided to make programmable version of the Clapper using an Arduino microcontroller. The Arduino lets you set codes for each outlet. This eliminates false triggering and lets you control multiple outlets independently. Your lamp could be turned on and off with one clapping pattern and your fan could be controlled with another pattern.

The Arduino also lets you program how the outlets are turned on and off. For instance, if your internet router needs to be reset, you could program it to turn your internet router off for ten seconds and then turn it back on automatically. Or you could turn a heater on for a few minutes and automatically turn itself off.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Here is a video walkthrough of the project.

<p>Can we put triac instead of power mosfet?</p>
<p>I don't think that you can activate a TRIAC with the 5V signal from the Arduino</p>
Can you make this project by giving voice commands through the microphone??
It's possible. But good voice recognition would make the project a lot more complicated and might require a different microcontroller like a Raspberry PI
can you please give me your email id?? I want to talk about my project :) :)
<p>If you want to send anyone a private message on Instructables, you can go to their profile page and click the box labeled "Private Message." This will let you send them a message on their site inbox.</p>
<p>could you please copy the code so that we can see it and easily copy it?</p>
In place of power mosfet. Put any mosfet. I will replace it myself. N name the led replacing mic. As microphone. Plz help. I really need ur help. Plz
In place of power mosfet. Put any mosfet. I will replace it myself. N name the led replacing mic. As microphone. Plz help. I really need ur help. Plz
I tried on working this project. I m weak on making circuit from circuit diagram. Plz. Do me a favour of giving me ur email id. Or can u make ur circuit on 123d.io this is an virtual circuit simulator. This simul. Does not have mic. So plz put led instead n share link to my email id. My email. LycanParth21@icloud.com Plz help. I need ur project as base of my another project
Hey. I m currently making this project but cannot find power mosfet. Can u suggest some alternative for it. Plz. Reply early. I have less time to finish this. I need it as starter for my other part of the project. Thanx.
If you can't use a MOSFET, you might be able to use a power NPN transistor.
<p>I used an ATTINY and added a dimmer. Great project!</p>
<p>I bought an already working circuit for really cheap on ebay that is powered on 5V so I'll add a relay that works on 5 volts and is okay with 12 volts and I'll use it for my 12 volt LED strips for my projects table. Maybe I can also make an Instructable for that soon</p>
<p>Hello! Can somebody help me? My realization is not working. I watched scan oscilloscope and realized, that micro output signal is very low, when i clapped. But signal is high, when i blow on micro. So, how can i find a normal micro? Every micro, what i tried were identical. What can u advise for me? (Sorry for bad english)</p>
<p>Hey great project :D I'd love to make it, even though my knowledge in electronics is very limited. I want to know if there are any modifications to make if the power outlet is 220 V (European Electrical System). Thanks :)</p>
Just make sure that the contacts of the relay are rated for at least 220V.
<p>Thank you :)</p>
<p>Nice Instructable</p>
<p>So many great memories of The Clapper! That's how we used to turn our tree on and off when I was a kid. </p>
Cool project

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