Sound Laser Using Laser Light and Solar Panel





Introduction: Sound Laser Using Laser Light and Solar Panel

The Sound laser is the concept of transferring sound over a large distance using laser light and solar panel for passive elements, you don`t need any external power source on the receiver ends, since solar panel generates the electricity when a light is incident over it, the sound laser hacks the laser light and convert the intensity of light into a sound embedded in the high wavelength of laser light.

How it Works, The laser is hacked with the audio jack and then connected with any of you personal device, here i am using Laptop to operate the laser, once the sound file is played the laser light starts transferring the sound using light, on the other hand the solar panel is used (With no extra power source) to receive the sound and solar panel is directly connected with the earphone which receives the power as well as the sound from the solar panel. voalla Ur wireless wide distance sound laser is ready. The same method can be used with the laser microphone.

Step 1: Necessary Stuff for Making Sound Laser

You will be needing the

1) General Laser Light

2) 5v Solar panel

3) Audio jack

4) old broken wire earphones

Step 2: Hacking the Laser

Hacking laser is easy, follow the circuit that is drawn in the paper and you can connect your audio jack with the laser light

Step 3: Necessary Connections

Step 4: Voala Your Sound Laser Working

After making all the arrangements, connect the device with PC and play any audio file and place the solar panel in the way of laser at ANY DISTANCE and you will hear the sound in ur earphone..

Step 5: Video



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    What type or lasers light did you use... It's just a simple one or with same specific wavelength or characteristic

    1 reply

    Its simple laser light, which is available on the children toy shop.

    This DIY give me an idea for a wireless device, example wireless mouse, by using this, can I make it? Or other things beside mouse can be made with this?

    2 replies

    As far as idea is concern, its good, but according to ur diagram, what function do u want to perform using Relay? Its not making any sense here because of two different data type...

    Yea, its true that we cant make wireless mouse using audio jack, because its complx wave. We can only made oscillator, wave generator, or headset wirelessly, by using laser and solar cell, or may be u can change solar cell by LDR (or other light sensor) with microcontroller. Because Ive seen how u made the communication(by using light) which bring me an idea to do with USB, with some modification, by using radio as its more easy to use rather thn light. But I dont know USB output and how it works, does it square wave, or it needs extra circuit? If USB output is a square wave, maybe relay will works. Or other explaination? Thanks

    This is a joke !

    First, try to modulate a laser diode with an headphone output in series with batteries will destroy the sound output, note there's no limiting resistor or capacitor to filter direct current. Next, the beam is or isn't, there's no intermediate states, thus no mdulation, it's an on/off device. And last, the inertia of a solar panel prohibits fast response time which means that quality is bad, provided the system works which I personnaly doubt.

    1 reply

    I appreciate your understandings, but try making it using the way i did, u will understand the impedance of laser light, and the lesser amount of current generated by sound output (which requires laser power source in addition to generate a high power laser output) and on the other hand the solar is not attached with any storing capacitor i.e. the response time is much greater than with capacitor.

    Try making it :) cheers

    wouldn't the sound quality be greatly reduced

    1 reply

    it is not greatly compromised, but somewhat reduced, if on the receiver end, amplifier is used, it can enhance the quality again.