Step 7: Final Assembly

Get your friends and family together, and record the sounds, we did a combination of sweet and silly ones.

1) decide which sound should go where

2)  Lay out your wire assembly on top of the quilt to help you visualize where the wires will go.

3) Place the battery compartment holder  between the back of the fabric and the smaller fabric square.

4) Cut a slit from the side, though a bit of the fabric square and ONE layer of the batting. Run your wire through that slit.

5) Layout all of the sound buttons between the 2 layers of batting, keep their wires from getting tangles, and remember you want one under each square.

6) Put a safety pin through the quilt where the wires cross from one square to the next, be sure to get the wires inside the safety pin.

7) Top stitch around the quilt, and between all the rows and columns.  Be careful not to stitch through any wires. I found I could feel them fairly easily. When you come to a safety pin.... back stitch for a couple pf stitches, and then lift up your needle, and start sewing again on the other side of the pin. It's a good idea to back stitch on that side as well. 

8) remove all the safety pins

9) Sew the last side closed by hand.