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Hey guys, Michael with Elemental LED here! For the holidays, I wanted to take some of our Celebright lights have them create a dancing effect. The strips have such a cool look and I really wanted to expand on it some more.

These look really awesome on a tree and the effect the three different strands give off together is really cool. The design of the lights is really nice as well as you can do a lot of different types of projects with them.

The inspiration was to have my Christmas tree lights dance to the music I would play at a holiday party. Check out the video to get a better idea:

Notice the lights are reacting to the bass line because I set the Jammer to channel 6, react to bass! ;)

Step 1: Grab your Materials

Picture of Grab your Materials
Here is what you will need for this project.

A tree is a good start. :)

Celebright LED Holiday Lights in Blue, White and Muliticolor
3 Female DC Wire Plugs
LED Adapter Slice Cables
Apollo Jammer
12W 12V Adapter

Each Celebright strand has a DC plug on it. A DC connection is just a plug in version of a positive (+) and negative (-) connection. The LED Adapter Slice Cable is going to convert from that plug-in setting to a "Hard Wire" setting.

Once plugged in to all three Celebright strands you will have 6 splice connections available to use.
Kadiya9 months ago

love instructable! Now does the Apollo Jammer need to be connected to a speaker or music source? I wanted to do a similar project that reacts to any noise whether music, talking, etc... Do you think I could use this same technique to achieve that?