Introduction: Sound Reactive Holiday Christmas LED Lights

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Hey guys, Michael with Elemental LED here! For the holidays, I wanted to take some of our Celebright lights have them create a dancing effect. The strips have such a cool look and I really wanted to expand on it some more.

These look really awesome on a tree and the effect the three different strands give off together is really cool. The design of the lights is really nice as well as you can do a lot of different types of projects with them.

The inspiration was to have my Christmas tree lights dance to the music I would play at a holiday party. Check out the video to get a better idea:

Notice the lights are reacting to the bass line because I set the Jammer to channel 6, react to bass! ;)

Step 1: Grab Your Materials

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Here is what you will need for this project.

A tree is a good start. :)

Celebright LED Holiday Lights in Blue, White and Muliticolor
3 Female DC Wire Plugs
LED Adapter Slice Cables
Apollo Jammer
12W 12V Adapter

Each Celebright strand has a DC plug on it. A DC connection is just a plug in version of a positive (+) and negative (-) connection. The LED Adapter Slice Cable is going to convert from that plug-in setting to a "Hard Wire" setting.

Once plugged in to all three Celebright strands you will have 6 splice connections available to use.

Step 2: Wire in to the Apollo Jammer Color Controller

Picture of Wire in to the Apollo Jammer Color Controller

The Apollo Jammer color controller functions like most other color controllers out there in the fact that it is a 4-channel system firing four signals. This color controller fires channel 1 (power), 2, 3 and 4.

Channels 2, 3 and 4 are typically used on systems with Red, Green and Blue. A good example is if you set a color controller to access the color purple and the controller was set to blue on channel 1 as well as channel 2, it would fire channel 1 and 2.

With an LED strip light each chip has 3 colors ending in the outcome of blending. What we are doing here is having the Apollo Jammer send out signals to channels and it is not specific to a color. We will have 3 individual strands reacting separately but wound together with the illusion of one line.

Step 3: Wind Your Sections Together

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Take two of your three sections of Celebright strip light and wrap them together, I found it was best to have someone help as the strands were long.

Once you have two strands together repeat the process to add the third strand to it.

Step 4: Stranded!

Picture of Stranded!


Step 5: Put Them on the Tree!

Picture of Put Them on the Tree!

Step 6: Other Uses

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You can do a lot with stuff. Here is a great example.

I wound it around a Christmas tree topper.

What can you use it for? :)


Kadiya (author)2014-11-16

love instructable! Now does the Apollo Jammer need to be connected to a speaker or music source? I wanted to do a similar project that reacts to any noise whether music, talking, etc... Do you think I could use this same technique to achieve that?

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