Sound Reactive WS2812 LEDs With Arduino and Sound Sensor




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Introduction: Sound Reactive WS2812 LEDs With Arduino and Sound Sensor

Hello together,

i made a sound reactive chain of WS2812 lights with table tennis balls and i control it with a sound sensor and an arduino. This is a easy project which beginners can do.

Step 1: Circuit

I connected the WS2812 LEDs like in the picture. Dont forget that you cant supply too much LEDs with the arduino. Use a separate power supply therefore. I used a 470 Ohm resistor in series for the data line, and a 1000uF capacitor (at least 5V) in parallel with the supply.

I got the sound sensor here:

Sound sensor

But you can also get it anywhere else. You also can get the WS2811 LEDs and the other stuff at many shops.

Step 2: Programming

To control the LEDs you need the Adafruit library which you can get here:

Because the sound sensor only gave me a high or a low level signal, I take 100 analogValues from this sensor and count how often they are high. Through this relation I can control how many LEDs shall be turned on.



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    That looks neat, it would be fun for party lighting :)

    1 reply

    Just posting the ".ino" file is the way to go.

    1 reply

    Oh, sorry. Next time I will do that.