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This project was for a Middle School Tech Theater II class. We had to make a compilation of sounds to go along with a car chase video. We made this from scratch. No sound from the original video was used.

Step 1: Choose Video

Searched Youtube for car chases.

Step 2: Find Sound Data Base

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We used

Step 3: Create New Garage Band File

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Choose "Movie Track" when asked what kind of project.

Step 4: Choose and Import Background Music

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Turn the sound level up and down.

Step 5: The Base Sounds

Imported sirens and sound of cars driving from

Step 6:

Added explosion, sirens, car horns, voice-overs, recorded compressor for engine sounds.

Step 7:

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Turned down sound of sirens, recorded manual voice sounds of yelling people, imported “Highway to Hell,” recorded Curtis yelling “No! The pooooolice.” Click record and speak with internal microphone or add on.

Step 8:

Recorded Garrett yelling at police, messed with sound pitch because the chase was monotonous.

Step 9:

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Fine tuned timing of sounds layered more and changed volume to add some dimension. Move tracks back and forth.

Step 10:

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Imported sound from GarageBand to iMovie, imported video to iMovie, perfected timing, added tire screeches.

Step 11:

Here is the final product.


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