As most who know me would know, I like to keep my shed neat & tidy, so the idea of building a self-contained electronics workstation is very appealing. Plus I'm often fixing other peoples stuff so the portability helps.

Note: See Steps 28 & 29 for STL 3D Printing files, Cutting List & Detail drawings.

Step 1: Cut Plywood Sheet

The whole box was built out of 1x sheet (2400x1200) 7mm ply plus a small sheet of 12mm ply for the front/work area. The thin 7mm ply made constructing the box difficult in terms of attaching hinges & using very short screws but it is worth it to keep the overall weight down in my opinion.

<p>Thanks. Nice build! </p><p>A complete/detailed parts list would be an awesome add to the drawings and cutting files.</p>
<p>Great Design!! Any suggestions on color names for the paint?</p>
<p>So dam good!!!! Congrats, splendid box!</p>
<p>This is uber awesome! I run electronics classes for kids, something like this would solve so many of my problems. </p>
<p>LOVELY instructable</p>
<p>Where do we find information on the swingarm LED lamp? </p>
<p>Any hardware store with a lamp/light section. Also, any furniture supply catalog.</p>
<p>This makes me wish I did some electronics from time to time, just to have this case. Look great.</p>
<p>I love it and would buy one if commercially available!</p>
<p>I agree. Twice!</p>
<p>I love it and would buy one if commercially available!</p>
<p>VERY nice ! Neato ! Organization Extremus ! </p><p>Come sort out my garage?????</p>
<p>Hey man, this is awesome!</p>
<p>Really nice job ! ! </p>
<p>This is a beautiful work of art! I will have a go at this. I did make myself a mobile workshop if you want a peek: http://steampunkwayoflife.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/the-ultimate-work-station-now-has-oven.html with a vacuum former.</p>
<p>Very inspirational! Lots of good ideas in there, needs speakers &amp; BT :) </p>
<p>This is a great idea. I am always trying to find the right toolbox for my stuff. I should just build my own.</p>
<p>Very cool man! Voted x3!! Great job!</p>
<p>This guy is awesome! Thank you for adding the drawings and the cutting list!</p>
Looking forward to making this. Can I get a copy of the files?
<p>Drawings added</p>
This is amazing! Can we have the cad drawing and plywood sizes?
Sure, I'll sort it ASAP =)
<p>Same here Tez if possible?</p>
<p>Drawings added</p>
<p>Great stuff!</p>
<p>People would buy this.. Tez, I think you should consider putting this or perhaps something very similiar on kickstarter.. you could be making money with this level of ingenuity and attention to detail.</p>
<p>I absolutely love this.</p>
<p>Love this!</p>
<p>Such a good job! I love Soundwave!</p>
<p>great job! although i would love to see the cassette tape deck usable, like storage or something.. (maybe for 2.0 version..)</p>
that is sweet. sound wave is the coolest.
Playfully conceived and skillfully crafted , kudos!
<p>Store bought stuff: Inferior.</p><p>Soundwave workstation: Superior.</p>
Really nice job
<p>Ha! this turned out great. Very nice work!</p>
This is pure genius =) As electronics hobbyist and repairer this could be handy All in one must have.

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