Picture of Soup Can Brazier
    First off, to avoid any confusion I took a lot of inspirtation for this project from Wobbler's Mini Camping Brazier. However, I didn't have a container like that one, so I made this project from a soup can.

  "brazier, braiser
   a portable metal receptacle for burning charcoal or coal, used for cooking, heating, etc.
   from the French brasier, from braise 'live coals'"

The final product is portable, can burn charcoal and wood, and the materials for this project are about as close to free as you can get, I hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
 For this project, you'll need:

@ A Pocket Knife

@ 4 Machine Bolts or Screws, make sure that they have flat ends.

@ A Handful of Nuts, at least 4, more if you prefer.

@ A Nail, preferably the same width as your nails/bolts.

@ An Empty Soup Can (Or Larger, It's up to you.)

@ A Hammer

@ A Hacksaw (Optional, a Dremel would also work well, see step 4)

@ A Vice is very helpful, or some other gripping mechanism to hold the can steady.
beehard444 years ago
i was thinking, this can also b e used as stress relief if you are a student.
You just rip your most hated homework (of course not to be used anymore) into shreds and just throw it in the fiery pits of a soup can. I'll try this later with algebra. Tomorrow with basic sentence patterns
Lance Mt.5 years ago
 I like it. Could we maybe line a group of 5 together for a bigger result?

   O     O
   O     O

But tied together?
JohnJY5 years ago
 Very nicely done, easy, cheap, and the Instructable is very detailed. Great job!
Wasagi (author)  JohnJY5 years ago
Nice job... thank you...
freeza363 years ago
I've tried aking these with legs like that, but mine always had a tenendency to fall over. Thats why I made this


I plan to use it this weekend. I will post some pics on my ible if I do.
wupme4 years ago
I just wonder if 3 legs, instead of 4, would make that thing more stable?
Wasagi (author)  wupme4 years ago
Hm. Good Idea! You should try it, but be careful!
guy905 years ago
Nifty legs on the grill there, thank you for the upload