Step 2: Preparation of the Can

 To Prepare the can, first take off the top, and ingest the contents. Allow for digestion to begin. Then, wash out the can and cut off the labels. (I kind of cheated at this, I got a can that had been sitting in my backyard for a while...) 
 Now comes the Hard Part. First, you need 8-10 holes in the side of the can, preferably about an inch above the bottom of the can. I clamped the can into the vice, then made four holes, two pairs of two across from each other, to form an "X". Then, I made four more holes, halfway in between the first ones. It isn't too important that they're all on the same level so much as it does that there are enough to allow ample amounts of air to come in.
  Now comes the Hard Part part 2. On the bottom of the can, make an "X" of four marks, equally distanced from each other. Then make four more marks, each one midway between two of the original four. On the bottom of many soup cans, there are 3 or so rings. I decided to make the air intake holes in between rings 1 and 2, and the leg holes in between rings 2 and 3. However, if I were to do this in the future, I would put the air intake holes inside ring one, to allow air to get to the center more than the sides, the sides are covered by the side holes. Additionally, for the leg holes, ring 3 was raised slightly above ring 2, making tightening the screw and getting it straight somewhat of a problem. I solved this by pushing the screw and nut into ring 3, making a dent and making things a bit easier.
i was thinking, this can also b e used as stress relief if you are a student. <br>You just rip your most hated homework (of course not to be used anymore) into shreds and just throw it in the fiery pits of a soup can. I'll try this later with algebra. Tomorrow with basic sentence patterns
&nbsp;I like it. Could we maybe line a group of 5 together for a bigger result?<br /> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; O &nbsp; &nbsp; O<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; O<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; O &nbsp; &nbsp; O<br /> <br /> But tied together?<br />
&nbsp;Very nicely done, easy, cheap, and the Instructable is very detailed. Great job!
Nice job... thank you...
I've tried aking these with legs like that, but mine always had a tenendency to fall over. Thats why I made this <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Small-Fishing-Grill/ <br> <br>I plan to use it this weekend. I will post some pics on my ible if I do.
I just wonder if 3 legs, instead of 4, would make that thing more stable?
Hm. Good Idea! You should try it, but be careful!
Nifty legs on the grill there, thank you for the upload

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