Picture of Soup Can Trail stove (wood powered)
Hello Readers,
Welcome to my first instructable, where I will show you how to create a wood burning soup can stove!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
ClareBS2 years ago
Good Instructable, simple with very clear instructions.
mzmclady2 years ago
I like this idea...
What about one of those restaurant size cans that
veggies come in.... Maybe a cooling "cake rack"
for the grate.... Give you a bit more room w/out
having to tote much along....
Regardless, this is a great idea, thanx... :)
darman122 years ago
Nice. I'll definitely make one for camping!
geex2 years ago
Great first instructable, good pictures and instructions. I really like this idea, I will be making one for myself for trying it out on a camping trip. Thanks for this idea.
sramas2 years ago
I made something similar, but to make the holes I just filled the can with water and placed it in the freezer then just made the holes with different size nails!
This is cool to make with grandkids, it's in my list of projects. Thanks for the cool idea!