Step 2: Mounting the Speakers

I held the speakers in place with two blocks of expanded polystyrene foam.

Wash and dry the soup cans thoroughly.
Press the cans onto the foam to give you a rough size to cut.
Cut circles of foam, but trim ~ half an inch off two sides, you'll need this to get the foam into the cans (see later).
Press the speakers onto the foam to give you a rough size to cut.
Cut enclosures for the speakers, in this case the rectangular holes grip the magnet assemblies.
Taper a round edge to accommodate the speaker-cone, and ensure there's room for wire to pass through the foam block.
I was planning to make this.
The first picture makes you look like les claypool.
I wasn't trying, but you mean like this? L
Yea or like the one at the top of his website.
In terms of the 'tinny&quot; sound, have you tried using tapering glass cups? I used this with a mini-speaker plugged into my ipod, and it got so loud that I could hear it in every corner of my house and even outside for 20 feet. I actually had a neighbor ask me &quot;What song is that you've got playing in there?&quot; <br>Awesome. <br> <br>Sincerely yours, <br>Zelback1
LOVE the first photo, dude. The glasses and the &quot;cans&quot; with the perfect goatee make you look like you should be wearing an aviators scarf and jacket, with the leather chill-cap under your arm as you walk away unscathed from a burning biplane. (Yes, I have an active imagination.) But seriously, EPIC!
You look like Guy Fawkes!
You look so awesomely hip in the first photo. &lt;3
<br> Thanks, but I have since shed the hair...<br> <br> L<br>
awww, did you at least keep the sunglasses?
<br> Yes, but I got a new pair.<br> <br> L<br>
This is clever. But can the sound fill a HUGE room?
<br> No, just your head.<br> <br> L<br>
Oh. Well I think I might try this out. I collect headphones and stuff so, this will make it be alot cooler. THANKS!
great cans! soundstage improved well :D
Two large soup cans (Lidl chicken, vegetable &amp; pasta - it's OK) LOL Agreed... Have yet to find a canned chicken product that was more than OK, chicken don't can well does it? LOL Andy.
<br> It's cheap nourishment and that's about all that can be said about it...<br> <br> L<br>
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA<br /> that is just to cool :) <br /> I&nbsp;had to give it an extreme &quot;funny&quot; rating. I&nbsp;wonder if lining the cans with e.g. neoprene would make them sound less 'tinny' Love your project!<br />
Is that you on the picture?<br /> WOW.
Yes.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Haha sick... I was looking for an instructable with you in it, cuz i see you everywhere on the site, and yur lil icon guy clearly isn't you lol.... I needed a face to go with the name, &quot;lemonie&quot;.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Keep up the good work!<br />
I still look pretty much like that...<br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;Its scary 'cause you look <strong>a lot </strong>like my Dad!
thats funnie i didnt know of the can term or i might of done my idea difernt , i needed a way to record right an left an contained that i could have room noise not interfearing , i put a mikeheadset with the speakers detached from the headband an the mike inbetween them inside a 32oz espresso cup an muffling stuffing all around them the wire comes out the straw hole , guess i shoulda instru. it befor all that electrical tape went on lol
I like the sound of that.<br /> <br /> L<br />
i tried to use soda cans. bad idea
They're not as stiff are they? L
This is actually an interesting idea, I would try mounting woofers the size of the diameter of the soup cans inside the cans, thus creating some potentionally ear damaging cans.
Yes, I have a pair of those, so I've got long-term plans for "Super Soup-Cans" L
Make sure they have some kind of vents in the rear of them so they don't act like pressure chambers :-S Btw, did you get my Pm lemonie?
Hi man, not yet I'm afraid... L
I'll be irate if my pm's aren't working either<sup></sup><br/>
lol u look like a white snoopdog
It's true, he kind of does, doesn't he?
OK, thanks L
these are pimp in defination!
this is more pimp than the wookie gun
in pic 1 and 2 are they you lemonie?
Er yes. L
woaa you look diferent from your profile pictures
6 of the profile pictures aren't me... L
the little boy in blue shirt,you having a cig,and you laid down with your hair at the back of you are they you?
<em>Upside</em> down &amp; cig (only)<br/><br/>L<br/>
whos the boy?
Do not know... L
seriously i thought it was you you used to have a balck and white picture of him whoever he is
Yes I tinted it with PhotoShop. L
so who exactly is he i thought it was you when you was younger whoever he is he looks cool
youve got him as your youtube account aswell

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