Step 5: Serve

You can either serve this soup hot or cold.

If cool is desired, chill prior to serving. You can grate a little fresh nutmeg on top for an interesting flavor.

If you like it hot, simply heat the mixture back up to soup temperature before serving.
For the hot soup, I like to serve it with grated cheddar cheese to sprinkle on top. Kids love this, and it's a nice flavor combination.

For my particular picky child, we call this "Cheese Soup", because it's cheesy in color, and after you sprinkle the cheese on top, it has a nice cheesy flavor.

This makes a nice amount. -- 9-10 servings maybe.
Great Soup!Just add bit of fresh ground pepper and sprinkle with fresh parsley and its even better!
I can't wait to make this!<br><br>I will use my stick blender but if I have leeks that won't break down I'll transfer the soup to my vitamix. (I know, they're expensive but I got mine refurbished and for no shipping. Ask me if you want the code for the free shipping.) The vitamix breaks EVERYTHING down, it's unbelievable.
Just some ideas. I have made a soup that has you puree veggies in the soup to, but i only puree some so that way get the flavor and some bits of stuff and if you have a picky eater you could puree the ones they don't like and leave the ones they do. Or you could puree them all and serve with grilled cheese!
looks delicios oonce oonce
This is a kind of soup we lived on when we were broke. &nbsp;I love it. &nbsp;Variations included adding cauliflower and/or red lentils to the process, right at the start with the rest. &nbsp;Garlic and cumin make excellent flavour additions. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Great Ible. &nbsp;And kids do love it. &nbsp;It's orange! &nbsp;How can you go wrong? &nbsp;If you have to, go for fishie crackers in it and have them scoop the little guys out. &nbsp;<br />
...ohhhh. You know I thought that you meant Tea Salt by Teas salt. Which doesn't make any sense, so yeah... Anyway, Teaspoon is usually abbreviated Tsp and Tablespoon is Tbsp.
Ok, Bonus points. Raise your hands if you actually know how to pronounce <strong>Vichyssoise </strong>correctly!<br/><br/>Anyone?<br/>
Good soup. If I may. Try browning the onions first. Adds more flavour. Oh, and for a smoother soup. I run this through a coarse strainer. Leeks are lovely. But. They have a tendency to be bit slimy when they don't break down completely. You end up with these long threads of clumpy leak. Straining it gives the smoothest, silkiest soup. //oh, and a spring of fresh thyme and rosemary (a few leaves) really brighten the flavours. J>
hmmm.... sounds good, and looks like it could make for a nice light meal. i'll have to try and make this. thanks!
Oh yes, it's hearty enough to be a meal. I served this the other night, with rye bread cheese toast on the side. Yummy!

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