Welcome to this amazing cooking instructable. Here I'm going to show you how I made my amazing textured duck breast. First I want to thank the "foodwishes" youtube channel which inspired me to make this duck. Also I want to say I'm from Holland, so my English grammar should not be as good as it have to be. So sorry for that.  Here's a picture of the final product.

Step 1: Okay, Lets Start!

Well, let's start!
This instructable show you how to make duck for 2 people.

The ingredients we need for this recipe are:
- 2 duck breasts
- some fresh thyme leaves
- salt and pepper
- lentils
- french beans
- lettuce with croutons and some sort of dressing
- potatoes
- meat sauce to put on the duck

We also need some basic, but also some more expensive kitchenware, like a really sharp knife, a cooking thermometer and Ziploc (yes, use this brand, and not some dollar store specials) bags.

By the way this was my first try, so I don't buy everything fresh, like the lentils and the beans.


Great recipe! :) It looks delicious, especially with the cranberry sauce.
Gorgeous! Makes me hungry. :D

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