Picture of Sous Vide Duck Breast Recipe
Welcome to this amazing cooking instructable. Here I'm going to show you how I made my amazing textured duck breast. First I want to thank the "foodwishes" youtube channel which inspired me to make this duck. Also I want to say I'm from Holland, so my English grammar should not be as good as it have to be. So sorry for that.  Here's a picture of the final product.

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Step 1: Okay, lets start!

Picture of Okay, lets start!
Well, let's start!
This instructable show you how to make duck for 2 people.

The ingredients we need for this recipe are:
- 2 duck breasts
- some fresh thyme leaves
- salt and pepper
- lentils
- french beans
- lettuce with croutons and some sort of dressing
- potatoes
- meat sauce to put on the duck

We also need some basic, but also some more expensive kitchenware, like a really sharp knife, a cooking thermometer and Ziploc (yes, use this brand, and not some dollar store specials) bags.

By the way this was my first try, so I don't buy everything fresh, like the lentils and the beans.


Step 2: First step

Picture of First step
First take your duck and your knife and make slashes in the fat layer of the duck, do not go through the fat and cut in the meat itself!
Season both sides and put some fresh thyme leaves on it.

Great recipe! :) It looks delicious, especially with the cranberry sauce.
Gorgeous! Makes me hungry. :D