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The tools and components were provided by our FYP supervisor Teo Shin Jen.

Sous-vide (/suːˈviːd/; French for "under vacuum")[1] is a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bath for a long time—72 hours in some cases—at an accurately determined temperature much lower than normally used for cooking, typically around 60 °C (140 °F). The intention is to cook the item evenly, not overcook the outside while still keeping the inside at the same 'doneness' and to keep the food juicier.

Items needed:
Arduino Uno x 1
2x16 LCD x 1
RGB x 1
LM35 Temperature Sensor x 1
Sparkfun Solid State Relay (SSR) Control x 1
1K ohm Resistors x 6
Push Buttons x 3
Vacuum Pump x 1
Electrical Heating Appliance x 1
AC Face Plate x 1
AC Plug x 1

Skills Needed:
Soldering skill
Basic electrical engineering skill

DIY Sousvide Arduino Shield
AC Power Control
Code for Arduino
Experiment on Sousvide  Arduino Shield

Step 1:

DIY Sousvide Arduino Shield

Solder the following components into an Arduino Sousvide Shield as shown:

2x16 LCD x 1
RGB x 1
LM35 Temperature Sensor x 1
Sparkfun Solid State Relay (SSR) Control x 1
1K ohm Resistors x 6
Push Buttons x 3

Purpose of the components:
Arduino Uno - Prototyping platform for testing 
LCD - Display results (eg. temperature)
RGB - Visual signal 
LM35 Temperature Sensor - Detect temperature  
SSR - Electronic switching device in which a small control signal controls a larger load current or voltage
Push Buttons - Setting  

Step 2:

AC Power Control

1. Wire the AC plug to the AC Face Plate with the live pin as shown

2. The live pin will then be connected to the SSR 

Step 3:

Code for Arduino

1. Download Arduino software from

2. Download PIDv1 library from

3. Add "PID_v1" folder to Drive:/<directory>/arduino-1.0/libraries

4. Run Arduino software

5. Copy code from

6. Verfiy and upload

Step 4:

Experiment on Sousvide Arduino Shield

1. Preparation of food with vacuum pump
    - Place your ingredients into a ziplock bag
    - Use a vacuum pump to vacuum seal the ziplock bag

2. Electrical heating appliance
    - Fill an electrical boiler or cooker with water

3. Waterproof LM35 temperature sensor
    - Place the LM35 temperature into a straw
    - Seal the both end of the straw

4. Set up DIY sousvide
    - Hook up Arduino Uno with the DIY Arduino Sousvide Shield and run the code
    - Place the waterproofed LM35 temperature sensor into the electrical heating applicance which is filled with water
    - Submerge the vacuum sealed ziplock bag which contain ingredients into the water bath 

5. Ready for COOKING!!!


georg_mysicka (author)2017-04-17

Nice instructable, just the code link (as a main thing) is expired. So impossible to duplicate...

beverageexpert (author)2012-09-03

I would like to use a dallas one wire ds18b20 and I am getting errors about unit8_t conversion to float

any suggestions to adapt your code to use the dallas one wire

teknohawk (author)2012-08-03

nice! but i don't quite understand, what does it do?

Orngrimm (author)teknohawk2012-08-04
It is to control the heat of the meat and if needed to readjust.

Computothought (author)teknohawk2012-08-03

Keeps temperature constant for the cooling liquid. Cooking robot if you will.

Computothought (author)2012-08-03

Interesting wiring arrangement.

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