South African Assault Vest Mod





Introduction: South African Assault Vest Mod

How to modify the side pouches on the viper saav (most are the same tho) well the closings on the pouches

Reasons: to allow access with gloves on and to make it easier to use as a dump bag

Pic 1 is standard fastening
Pic 2 is simple and reversible option
Pic 3 is best option

Step 1: Parts and Materials

Ok for the simple version you will need:

Paracord (a couple feet should be fine)
A lighter (to seal the cord)
A knife/scissors (to cut the cord)
2 Fastex style buckles

For the not as simple methood you will need
Knife or scissors
Needle and thread (or paracord strands in my case)
2 fastex style buckles
cup of tea

Step 2: The Easy Way (part 1)

take about a foot of paracord, seal the ends with flame and tie a knot in one end
then thread the male half of the buckle onto the existing tie down strap

Step 3: The Easy Way (part 2)

Take your paracord and starting from the back thread it through the existing buckle, then the fastex female half, and back through the existing (repeat 5 to 7 times)

Step 4: The Easy Way (part 3)

Tie another knot, cut off any spare cord and seal the end, repeat for the other straps and congratulations you are done :D

Step 5: But Mister, I Want Better Access Via the Top Flap.

Well Timmy you've come to the right place...

Start by taking your cutting implement and carefully cutting the stitching between the webbing loop (pic 1) about 1/3 of the way. then insert a pin to the lower layer and the pouch to hold it in place

Step 6: The Other Way (part 2)

Keep cutting... No not yourself emo kid but the stitching until the halves separate (pin the other side too at this point see picture)

then remove the annoying black useless thing (save it tho it may be useful)

Then you want to find the fastex buckle and prepare for step 3

Step 7: The Other Way (part 3)

Take your fastex buckle and get the female half, thread it through where the black part was and prepare to sew it closed...

Thread your needle

(this is my method yours may be different)
Start by adding a few stitches to the bottom half of the strap to help anchor your sewing and the strap

then pass the needle through the other end and sew them through both layers and to the far end (pliers help if you cant get a good grip)

remove pins as needed, then sew back to your starting point and tie it off (everyones different)

see images if needed

Step 8: Tactical Tea Break...

sit and have a nice cup of tea, no you haven't finished yet but tea is great.

Step 9: The Other Way (part 4)

Now cut the webbing from the top of the pouch (do not damage the pouch or vest be careful) seal the ends with fire and prepare for next step

Step 10: The Other Way (part 5)

line the strip of webbing you just removed up so that when its secure its in line with the female clip as shown

then you want to stitch an X in a square to hold it in place (dont ask on size just eyeball it id say about 2 1/2 - 3 cm)

pic 2 is the underside when its done

Step 11: Step 6 FINALLY

take the male half, thread it onto the peice of webbing, cut some spare webbing away (you can actually use one piece for both sides) seal and congrats

Step 12: END

Thanks for looking,

questions and comments as usual

hope it helps someone



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    I have the same knife at pic 3!!!!!