Southern Gnats / Mosquito Repellant





Introduction: Southern Gnats / Mosquito Repellant

Taking on an over grown back yard / field and avoiding pesky bug bites / constantly flicking and swatting away. Sound like you need to load up on strong chemical big repellant? Nope, just go into the laundry room and grab a few fresh dryer sheets!

Step 1: Get Some Dryer Sheets

I found the stronger the scented sheets the better they work! The brand really doesn't matter

Step 2: Take Out a Sheet

One or two sheets is plenty.

Step 3: Place and Go

Put one under your collar but NOT DIRECTLY ON YOUR SKIN!! You could have a skin reaction and again I don't take responsibility of you do this is just what I do. I also like to stuff one in my pocket to help.

Step 4: Now All That's Left Is...

Enjoy your big free outdoor activity.... Unless it's string trimming this forest... I won't enjoy this at all.



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I have been trying your idea for repelling mosquitos with Gain drier sheets.

Today I went outside without the sheets & 2 mosquitos got on me very quickly I came back inside, put 1 drier sheet on each shirt sleeve with rubber bands & went back outside. Stayed 30 minutes without one mosquito bothering me. So far, I am convinced that the drier sheets repel them.

This is a neat tip. Thanks for sharing!